You can email me from the bottom link on this page but please try and make it easy for me to get back to you by reading this first.

If you're from a foreign country and have Skype on your computer then please don't hesitate to call me via that means. Our Skype name is norma.june.fashions or just search for us in Easington Village by that name. We can sometimes show you an item directly, maybe even getting one of the staff to wear it if it's a regular size, and if we aren't too busy with shop customers at the time.

Sorry to be long winded but I get so many emails that are lacking in detail that I can't respond to in any sensible manner. This all makes for delays and misinterpretation which is in everyone's interests to avoid.

For some unknown reason most emails sent from I-pads don't get to me. All I see is the heading but no actual message. Please try to avoid emailing from I-pads. If you have to but don't get a reply in 2 days I'll probably not have got the message. Please call me.

Having understood all this you can now email me for information by clicking here and I promise to give you the best possible service.

Many thanks