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We have another website which is more or less the same as this one. That site was actually, (that is the same but with .uk on the end) for a good number of years but it got hijacked by another company who offer only links to other sites, mainly high street department stores and low end fashions. They do not have any direct selling themselves and are really only a directory of low end or mass produced fashion goods. Of course some mothers of the bride or groom may not be at all bothered about buying an outfit from somewhere that is likely to be used by other guests at the same wedding.
Serving     the     north-east     and     Cumbria, Norma   and   June’s   is   the   leading   retailer   of Mother   of   the   Bride   Outfits,   Mother   of   the Groom     fashions     and     special     occasion wear.   We   are   also   visited   by   ladies   from   all parts   of   the   UK   and   some   EU   countries who     avail     themselves     of     our     special incoming visitor service
Choosing   a   mother   of   the   bride   or   groom   outfit can   be   a   daunting   task.   1st   thing   to   beware   of,   is not   to   buy   something   from   a   department   store as   it   may   well   be   one   that   another   guest   may have. For   an   outfit   that   is   as   near   individual   as   you   can get   then   mass   produced   town   centre   shop   styles cannot offer you peace of mind.
Your   visit   to   our   premises   will   be   an   unhurried and    relaxed    experience.    You    will    find    easy parking   right   outside   the   shop   with   no   double yellow lines etc, and we are wheelchair friendly. WE DON’T REQUIRE APPOINTMENTS
Norma & June Fashions
Norma & June Fashions Ltd Low Row, Easington Village Co. Durham, SR8 3AU Tel. 0191 5273945 email
Shop Hours: Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 4.30 Sunday      opening      in January.      Watch      for details
No Appointment Necessary. Parking at front door
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It’s mum’s day too
It’s Mum’s Day too
Norma & June Fashions Low Row, Easington Vilage, Co. Durham SR8 3AU Tel 0191 5273945 - email
Norma & June Fashions Low Row, Easington Vilage, Co. Durham SR8 3AU Tel 0191 5273945 - email Opening hours 9.30 to 4.30 Monday to Saturday. From 1st weekend in 2018 also open on Sundays