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The purpose of this page is to draw your attention to the huge problems in buying anything from a Chinese rip-off website at a fraction of the true price.

The clips showing are based more on prom dresses and wedding gowns and are from US sites, however the same state of affairs exist here. Mother of the bride outfits, and other special occasion outfits are being targeted just as aggressively by the Chinese sites and many ladies are falling foul of them.

They believe they are getting something as good as the original, or maybe even think they are the original since the pictures used are from the designers own site. They are mostly rubbish. You have no guarantee from them, cannot return them, even if they say you can and unless you can speak Chinese will find it difficult to contact them. They mostly don't even have any return address displayed, or any place where they can be contacted satisfactorily

I recently emailed Vince Cable to ask him to address this situation. The letter is here. Just click here


I got this response. The actual letter can be seen here.


Intellectual Property Office

Dear Mr Robson,

Concept House
Cardiff Road, Newport
T ~44 (0) 30 0300 2000
Me +44(0) 30 0020 0015

Thank you for your email to Dr Vince Cable dated 14 August 2014. Your enquiry has been passed to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) who has the lead on IP Crime Policy in the UK.

We fully understand the issues you and others are facing concerning the sale of fashion items on Chinese and Far Eastern websites who use photographs and pictures of the designers work so consumers believe they are buying an item of clothing that is identical to a designer dress, but at a fraction of the actual cost.

In September 2013 the City of London Police and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which is

within the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, established the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). PIPCU's focus will be on offences committed using an online platform. The IPO is providing the City of London Police, which is the national police service lead for fraud, with 2.56 million in funding over two years to run what is an operationally independent law enforcement unit dedicated to tackling serious and organised intellectual property crime (counterfeit and piracy) affecting physical and digital goods (with the exception of pharmaceutical goods).

Earlier this year in an operation with Europol and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) PIPCU seized 188 domain names that were illegally selling counterfeit merchandise online to unsuspecting consumers. The project called "In Our Sites" commenced in November 2012 and brings the total number of domain names seized to approx 1400. This may not seem very many but this is a start in the right direction, with more operations planned.

IPO officials recently met with a representative from the bridal wear industry, Amanda Bradwell from the Bridal Suppliers Association, we invited her to speak at one of the IP Crime Group meetings (a mix of UK law enforcement and industry). This was an ideal opportunity for her to raise the concerns of your industry and to highlight the problems you all have. We also arranged for her to attend the annual Trading Standards Institute's conference and exhibition in Harrogate in June where we introduced her to Trading Standards officers and industry bodies who are involved in IP and brand protection issues.

In the past few years the IPO have worked closer with China and SE Asia and we now have IP attaches in both regions. In China the IP Attache has been instrumental in developing relationships that serve both to support and protect UK business operating there and extending the reach of law enforcement to reduce the flow of counterfeit and pirated goods into the UK.

Great progress has been made on developing rights granting, civil and administrative recourse and there have been exchanges of judges, police and administrators.

In South East Asia, relationship building has identified key priorities in Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. A development plan planned for Indonesia and the attache has engaged with authorities across the region through Interpol and support from the IPO Intelligence Hub.

The Attaches have become an essential part of the IP communities in their respective countries and are a vital resource for UK interests in their countries.

Our new IP Minister, Baroness Neville-Rolfe is currently attending the China Symposium with some of the UK's biggest companies where The Minister is leading the first ever trip to China focusing on intellectual property, to help UK businesses feel more confident about exporting to China.

I hope some of the points raised demonstrate we are aware of the issues you face and are putting

measures in place to help business that operate both in the UK and overseas tackle to threat posed by

piracy and counterfeiting.

Yours sincerely




In the US several hundred of these sites have been closed already and they are closing each new one that appears as a phoenix of the one closed.

Now watch and learn.

Well ladies, dare you take a chance? I know of a wedding gown shop "not a million miles from us" who is ordering mother of the bride outfits in from these companies and retailing them. Our hatmaker has warned us that she has seen several of these counterfeit outfits since the ladies concerned have taken them for her to make a hat to match. She says they are absolute rubbish. The material is cheap, the colours are wrong and the manufacturing of them is at best amateurish.Would you want your outfit to fall apart at your special event? Ouch..........




Click here for another amazing video.

This downloads a clip and takes a few minutes

On a final note, I appreciate you may not know what any website is offering. They all look so much the same and they all use genuine designer pictures to promote their goods.  Before you order anything from any website it's as well you visit Scam Advisor and enter the website address to see if it's genuine although some new scam sites may not be in the list yet as new ones pop up every day.



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